Today, Mayssam brings us to Dante Street in Villeray to discover delicious pastries, a favourite coffee shop and some great kitchen hardware! Follow the guide!

Dante Street was a destination for me even when I lived far away. I now live a few blocks away and I still walk down Dante from time to time.

I start closer to Saint Laurent with what I think is one of the best lattes in Montreal at Caffè San Simeon. This coffee shop has old world charm and the baristas there are great to talk to.

If you’re there on a Sunday morning, close your eyes and the (loud) conversations of the Italian patrons sitting around you will transport you to Italy without ever leaving your seat!

After coffee, cross the street to Quincaillerie Dante and shop the overcrowded isles of kitchenware.

I never leave that store without buying something, whether it’s a book, a kitchen tool or signing up for a cooking class at the owners (and TV stars!) Stefano and his mother Elena Faita’s cooking school, Mezza Luna.

Stroll down the street all the way to the end to Pasticceria Alati Caserta. Pick up one of the many Italian specialties that they have, my favourites being the cannoli made fresh on demand or the lobster tails (sfogliatelle) stuffed with sweetened ricotta.

They make a great hostess gift to bring to your next dinner invitation! But if you want to eat it on the spot, cross the street and take a seat on a bench in the little park to enjoy your goodies. If you’re lucky, there will be a great big Italian wedding happening at Madonna della Difesa church and you can watch the bride and groom walk out of the church.

Even if there’s no wedding happening, walk into the church, look up at the frescos on the ceiling and try to spot the infamous Benito Mussolini depiction (look for a man on a horse)!

Caffè San Simeon – 39 Dante Street, Montreal – (514) 272-7386 ‎
Quincaillerie Dante – 6851 Saint Dominique Street, Montreal – (514) 271-2057
Alati Caserta – 277 Dante Street, Montreal – (514) 271-3013

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Photo Credit: Julia C. Vona