If Villeray is known for anything, it is of course for its amazing Jean-Talon market, one of the most incredible spots in Montreal. Here, you can buy directly from local producers, chat with them and enjoy a certain dolce vita way of life. Mayssam, who is a huge fan of this market, shows you around some of her favourites places. Join us for the next 3 articles and discover some of the best shops at the market!

I love the hustle and bustle of markets and it is one of the first things I inquire about and visit when I am traveling. I moved to this neighborhood purposely because I wanted to be close to the Jean-Talon market. It has literally become my depanneur since it is the closest to my loft. I sometimes just go there to walk around, not needing anything in particular.

Librairie Gourmande - Jean Talon Market

In those moments of far niente, I will certainly stop by La Librairie Gourmande to browse through their latest cookbook acquisitions.

It’s not always so healthy for my wallet to be in this beautiful and cozy little bookshop but it is one addiction I am not willing to give up!

I am also a dessert addict and a lover of all things sweet and the ice cream at Havre-aux-glaces is definitely something one can get hooked on.

Havre aux glaces Jean-Talon Market

Havre aux glaces - Jean-Talon Market

My favourites are the dark chocolate and pistachio flavours, which I always order. I am not big on sorbets but I am told their seasonal fruity creations are incredible as well.

There’s almost always a line-up but it’s worth the wait. You can take your favourite flavour home or as a delicious hostess gift in one of their pint-size containers.

Hâvre-aux-glaces- Jean-Talon market, 7070 Henri Julien, Montréal – (514) 278-8696 ‎
Librairie Gourmande – Jean-Talon market, 7070 Henri Julien Montréal – (514) 279-1742

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Jean Talon Market Best Addresses Montreal

Photo credit: Julia C. Vona